This weekend November 11-15 is the Adventist Agriculture Associations annual conference in Glen Rose Texas. What is this association about?

Adventist Agricultural Association (AdAgrA) is a grass-roots organization made up of like-minded individuals who feel convicted by God not only to return, but to also teach others how they can “return” to an agrarian lifestyle. Agriculture is an important aspect of Adventism both past and present. More and more are convicted by God to revive the focus of agriculture, a vital part of our educational approach, as well as a part of every family’s sustainability in view of current and coming events.

2015 Adventist Agricultural Association Conference Schedule PDF (128kb)

This years theme is entitled “Restoring the Waste Places”.


Last years conference theme was entitled “Returning to our roots”.

Copies of last years conference (2014) recordings of the audio were made available free of charge in partnership with Audioverse. To download the audio recordings please visit the link below:

2014 Schedule of speakers

Bob Jorgensen, Alan Seiler, Byron Smith, Joshua White, Matthew Dealy, Ruan Swanepoel, John Dysinger, James Tiffany, Lucia Tiffany, Darryl Hosford, Robert Feher, Robert Montague, Larry Lesher, Edwin Dysinger, Whitmar McConnell, Arthur Mulyono, David Obermiller, Bob Gregory, Paul Dysinger, Deidre Dealy, Tony Koskovich, Armando Lopez, Brad Johnson, Stephen Meyer, Michelle Lesher, Darren Greenfield, Shawn Speidel, Janice Smith, Elizabeth Williams, Pamela Dysinger, Daniel LaFlair.