Here is an interesting email I received from my friend Martin after mentioning that I have been studying the truth about God and looking into whether the doctrine of the Trinity is a Biblical doctrine.

There is a key to the scriptures that all the english translations have left out that when put back in give a person a more complete understanding of the “Godhead”. The key I found is the omittance of the Aleph Tav charter symbol in the scriptures. The translators of the english versions did not know what to do with this hebrew character symbol so they left it out all together. The only time that they kept it in was with the writings of the Apostle John in the 1st century writing’s. Mainly in the book of Revelation, where Christ says that he, Christ, is the Aleph Tav. William Sanford, a Seventh-day Adventist has put a study Bible together and has put back all the את (Aleph Tav’s) back where they belong. It is not his personal translation but he has used a public domain 1989 KJV edition with adjustments for the thee’s and thou’s, for easier reading, all the aleph Tavs are in their proper place, 1,000’s of them!

When one understands the meaning of the Aleph Tav one gets a complete vision of the Godhead. Bill (William) Sanford has a youtube channel in which you can watch a lot of videos that explain the use of the Aleph Tav in scripture. He has a number of editions of the aleph tav scriptures. I would recommend the C-MATS, the Complete Messianic Aleph Tav Scriptures, that has the TANAK and the 1st century writings with the aleph tav returned to the scriptures. I have a copy. I believe the Aleph Tav returned to the english Bible is vital to understanding the Godhead and also understanding the Covenant’s in scripture. I really hope you will check it out. This is not doctrine that is being taught, all it is, is having the whole Bible which give’s one a more complete understanding of the scriptures. You can get a copy from amazon, The Complete Messianic Aleph Tav Scriptures Modern-Hebrew Large Print Red Letter Edition Study Bible: William H. Sanford: 9781771432221: Books – but go to his site and check it out, Home – Official Website of the Messianic Aleph Tav Scriptures (MATS) watch some of the video’s and see how it makes a big difference on how you view the text.