Six months after the official statement on immunization, the Seventh-day Adventist church along with most other Christian church organizations will soon be encouraging the use of a universal flu vaccination.

A recent article on BBC News suggests that scientists are closer to developing a vaccine that will give life-long protection against any type of flu.

The official position of the Seventh-day Adventist church is that our health message is based on:

  1. Biblical revelation
  2. The inspired writing of E.G. White
  3. Peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Trials in animals using the more stable flu vaccine has been promising says researchers and the next step will be studies in humans to establish the effectiveness in using them in man.

Seventh-day Adventists who desire to volunteer for the universal flu vaccine human trials will have no problem in continuing to be a member of good standing in the church because of our general immunization guidelines.

The concern I have as a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church is what happens when the basis for our health message does not harmonize.

What if the pillar of “Biblical revelation” clashes with the pillar of “Peer-reviewed scientific literature”?

What if the pillar of “the inspired writings of Ellen White” disagree with the pillar of “Peer-reviewed scientific literature”?

Answer: The structure will become unstable. One of the pillars will have to compromise for the other.

There is great argument and debate regarding the health of vaccinations and immunization not only in the Seventh-day Adventist church but with the general public at large. I  watched a presentation on vaccines by Raymond Obomsawin about why vaccines pose serious physical, mental, and behavioral dangers in humans? There was compelling data to show that vaccines may not be the best way to protect yourself from infection.

Silent Epidemic“, by award winning film director Gary Null, is the first documentary to investigate thoroughly the true medical record and the historical evidence about vaccine marvels.

If peer-reviewed scientific literature promotes the evolution theory which I have many reasons to believe to be untrue then is it possible that peer-reviewed scientific literature that promotes immunization and universal flu vaccines could be untrue as well? I answer in the affirmative and encourage more study and research into this important health topic.



Further Research

I’m interested in your research dear reader if the Bible and the inspired writings of Ellen White affirm or conflict with the official SDA position on vaccinations:

“the Adventist health message is based on biblical revelation, the inspired writing of E.G. White (co-founder of the Church), and on peer-reviewed scientific literature”. Seventh-day Adventist Official Statemen on Vaccinations March 2, 2015

Is the Adventist health message truly based on the following three pillars? The Bible, inspired writings of E.G. White and peer-reviewed scientific literature.

How did the church come to these three points? What principles from Scripture or Ellen White have been given to substantiate this strong statement?


Is the Adventist health message based on only two pillars? The Bible and the inspired writings of E.G. White.

For those unaware of Ellen White’s writings on the subject of health and the Bible I would encourage you to read the book entitled “The Ministry of Healing” (PDF 884kb)

Please feel free to share your research and links below.