I’ve been using MySword Bible App for Android for a good 6 months and wanted to “share the wealth”. I recommend this app for a number of reasons.

The last 15 years of my Christian life I have grown up on E-Sword which is my favorite Bible program for Windows but after purchasing a Samsung S3 I began looking for a quality Bible program for the Android platform for when I am away from my laptop.

I tried the free version of MySword and then made a donation to unlock the premium version. It was well worth it.

1.) Access to strongs numbers was important to me. (I believe even the free version gives you Strongs number references)
2.) The ability to create an incredible number of notes and organize into different categories (books).
3.) Searching phrases or words in the Bible are simple and straight forward.
4.) Access to many Bibles, commentaries and other modules (eg. Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge)

I would encourage every owner of an Android device to think about trying this app.

Developers website: http://www.mysword.info/